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Case Study 04


Investing in Crypto Should Not Be Rocket Science. CryptoHelp makes it easy for new investors to find new opportunities and learn about crypto.
The company needed to create a strong brand presence in a volatile market such as crypto, complete its buying funnel and create a solid library for users to review. →
Art Direction
Web Design
App Design
+ Build a solid brand for a volatile market such as crypto
+ Build a strong library of assets to use
+ Complete buying funnel to add more users to the app
✦ Branding was based based on a space theme and artsy surreal and colorful elements. It implies the use of NFT and crypto art related pieces to address enthusiast of this new world. They are represented from a digital, modern, and high technological standpoint.
✦ Dynamic UI elements to appeal to the target audience
✦ Easy to log in and use the app inmediately
✦ Reusable assets to allow the brand to grow
✱ Launched MVP
✱ Strong presence in a convoluted market
Branding Design 1

We fully redesigned the landing page, its branding and created an illustration system.

Art Direction
Branding Design 1Branding Design 1Branding Design 1Branding Design 1

As well as the blog, we created a thoroughly developed document library to teach about the platform and investment opportunities.

Web Design
Branding Design 1Branding Design 1Branding Design 1Branding Design 1

To complete the brand experience, we revamped the app to match the current set of brand guidelines.

App Design
Branding Design 1
The investments
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