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Case Study 05

AlphaLab Website & Branding

AlphaLab Capital Group is a technology-driven trading group that transacts over $2B daily in cryptoassets on 40+ exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. Since 2017, we have consistently generated exceptional returns (aka alpha).
I collaborated with its team to redesign their website and revamp their branding. →
Art Direction
Web Design
+ Build a simple and noticeable brand identity
+ Complete hands free hand-off to developers
✦ The use of relatable coding evironment elements to address the main audience
✦ Stripped off design that shows only the important information
✦ Design System for Web Design & Branding
✱ Increased online presence
✱ Better brand and company presentation for investors
Branding Design 1

Our first approach consisted in mapping their website to discard any unnecessary navigation elements and leave the site with a minimalistic structure.

Web Design
Branding Design 2

We created a UI Kit for the hands free hand-off to the developers.

Web Design
Branding Design 2

We created a moodboard based on technical charts, cartographic elements, ASCII characters and code interfaces.

Art Direction
Branding Design 3Branding Design 3

The representation of familiar elements such as candle and linear charts were taken into account to create the branding.

Art Direction
Branding Design 2

The logo depicts the Alpha symbol between to brackets of code.

Art Direction
Branding Design 3

AlphaLab's Brand & Website in action.

Web Design & Art Direction
Brand kit for Airkit® ❖
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