Here's something about me ☞

I love to travel. And to draw while listening to chill music. And to play the piano. Someday I know I will play jazz while drawing on a moving train to Bergen. Hmm... I think that's now my dream.

I'm very enthusiastic about new challenges, thinking broad concepts, communicating and evolving new and better ideas.

I'm a
n independent Creative Director based in Barcelona, Spain.

I'm currently helping startups to increase their value by applying a holistic approach through visual storytelling. From branding to web design or marketing strategy, I help digital business to grow and achieve their goals.

I am a cheerful person who enjoys what he does and feels. I often find myself moved by design and its purpose. It is applicable in all areas around us, and it should be part of our lives homogeneously. I trust in the field as a way of life and philosophy.

Let's create something amazing together.